DONOVANS LTD was founded in year 2002 as one of the jewellery manufacturers in Hong Kong.

In 1995, DONOVANS began to specialize and concentrate on the wholesale market in UK & EUROPE. As a manufacturer as well as wholesaler, we constantly listen to the valuable feedbacks from our customer and always keep pace with their requirement. With the continuous support from our client, the company has sustainable growing in supplying a quality product into worldwide market with competitive price.

In order to response to the strong competition and fast-changing market, DONOVANS decided to move its main production line from Shenzen to the Panyu (Guangzhou) in the year 2008 and our administration, sale, purchasing and export operations are based in Hong Kong.

After years of continuous improvement, training and an adoption of new technology, our production development center in China is capable to produce high quality design as well as offering an extensive range of product design services to our client in Australia , such as CAD modeling (including 2D,3D Design) and rapid prototyping .

In addition, we also provide value-added services like packaging, barcode ticketing and printing of customized jewellery certificates to fulfill client’s specific requirement.



Manufacturing is our core strength. We endeavor ourselves to ongoing improvement of our management system and manufacturing techniques so as to adopt the quality-driven mind set to work for our customers.

  • Casting

  • Hand Setting

  • Polishing

  • Quality Control

Product Development

With the advance of CAD technology and innovative team of product development, we are able to transform our client concept into a product and shorten the time-to-market. On the quality perspective, the accuracy of Rapid Prototyping (RP) can now produce a sample with exceptional finest and symmetry in finishing.

  • Jewelry Design

  • CAD Modeling

  • Rapid Phototype

  • Hand Making

Packaging & Ticketing

We have been doing packaging, ticketing (Also known as Jewellery Bar-coded Tag) and certificates printing for some our existing clients. Product pricing and detail can be printed on various type of tag according our customer's exact requirement.

This value added service allow product delivered to outlet are ready to put up for selling which become one of the time & cost saving strategy for retailers

  • Ticket Printing

  • Ticketing Jewellery Items

  • Jewellery Pad

  • Diamond Certificate Printing


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